Terms of Use

3. Range of Service

To register as a member, you need to subscribe to a Hidup Dollar (HD$) Top Up service at the cost of RM 3.00 per top up, 1 Top Up per week. You will get 3000HD$ for every top up. As a member, Hidup2 gives you the ability to participate in a range of features and services available within the Service. Some of these features and services may be subject to additional charges which shall be imposed on you. You may also subscribe to Hidup2 Video service at RM2.00 per video, 1 videos per week . In order to access these additionally charged features, you must purchase or subscribe to them separately. The features and/or services available within the Website and the Service may change from time to time without prior notice to you. In addition, Hidup2 may stop (permanently or temporarily) providing any or all of the features and/or services within the Service to you without prior notice. Hidup2 reserves its right to limit your use of the Website and/or Service without prior notice. The Website and the Service may include advertisements, the type and extent of which are subject to change from time to time. You acknowledge and hereby agree that Hidup2 and its affiliates may place such advertising on the Website and/or Service. The placement of such advertisements does not imply any endorsement by Hidup2 of the products or services promoted by such advertisements, offers, marketing materials and/or promotions. You further acknowledge and hereby agree that Hidup2 may, from time to time, send you messages including, but not limited to, notifications, advertisements, offers, marketing materials and/or promotions, in connection with the Website and/or Service. You may control the communications you receive from Hidup2 by logging into your account and choosing the appropriate notifications settings or by following the unsubscribe instructions contained in the messages.

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